Album Reviews

"Hello Vincent, my name is Scarlet, I bought your 4 older CD's when you came to Bellingham WA. I don't have any amazing stories to tell--but I just want to let you know that listening to your music has tremendously blessed me. It brings the word alive to me in a new way. So I just want to thank you for listening to God, may he continue to bless you and your ministry, and may he continue to open up new realms and opportunities to you." Blessings,
~ Scarlet

Regarding "I Will Rejoice" from "Tell A Vision":
"I remember when I first heard you Vincent. I was on my way home from visiting my brother in prison. I had smuggled him drugs, and I myself was under the influence. My mother wanted to stop and see you. I was being rebellious, and I wanted everyone in that church to know I didn't want to be there. While I was sitting on the floor with my arms crossed, God allowed you to see my heart, and to see the call He had on my life. You stopped playing and prophesied over me. You told me that God had called me to be a leader of worship. You didn't know my love for music at that time. Well, I am here almost 8 years later.... I am a child of the MOST HIGH GOD. I am set free from drugs, and my old life. I am blessed to lead worhip at my church, and it all started during the song I Will Rejoice!!!!!"
~ Lori B. Walla

Regarding "The Grace Of The Living God":
"Great, really like the Title song and Number 8, Lift Him Up...your music is always fresh... I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
~ Toni Bogart-Syvrud - Charlotte, NC

"We've seen Vincent live a few times and his music comes to life as he shares stories and encourages all ages. I listen to not only "Angels" all the time but he has 5 other CD's as well. His new album "The Grace Of The Living God" is another favorite! If you like good music with a positive message it's a must have!"
~ Jan & Perry Olson - Buckley, WA

Regarding the song "Who Touched Me" from "The Fire, The Wind & The Reign" album:
"Hey vincent. i love the song. my wife and i sat and listened and were moved, even to tears. i believe this is one of those (rare) songs that capture the Father's heart for His children. i can't wait to get the cd. i have a 17 yr old, he is #2 on my friends list. he has many friends on his space, and i hope to get them listening to your music. i will definetly be praying for you and the endeavors the Lord leads you on. please let me know of any specifics to pray for. i am on the prophetic team at church, and we meet weekly and pray for others. peace & blessings, your brother, Gareth."
~ Gareth - Knoxsville, TN

Regarding the song "The Waves" from the album "Angels":
"I'm sitting here at work groovin on "The Waves" on my MP3 player. I'm having a hard time keeping still, this song has a great groove. Keep on picking for Jesus. Love your music."
~ Tony Mas - Washington State

Regarding the song "I Am Redeemed":
"I love the way you poured yourself into "I Am Redeemed"! I can't tell you how pleased I am with your take on it. I do think we have a hit on our hands. Thank you Vincent for making this song for us."
~ Dr. John Gentile - Duanesburg, NY

"I just wanted to let you know how blessed I am by your ministry. Last night (10-31-07) at Aggressive Ministries was "Out of the Box" as Red put it. The Lord has 'Most Definetly" annointed you with this gift. The "Spirit of the Lord really moved to heal and comfort as I know it did for me personally. I have been playing your "Angels" CD all day today at work on my desktop...what a soothing atmosphere it is causing. I'm extremley excited for you to return and hopefully Birgit will be able to come next time as well. I will personally pray for your's very obvious that God's hand is on it. I will pray for finances and for ministry opportunities."
~ Barbara Goodman - Puyallup, WA

Regarding "Angels":
"A refreshingly unique, anointedly reaching, and just plain easy to listen to experience. This album was a Hit at a recent family gathering, even the non-believers enjoyed it..."
~ Todd and Rose Crane - Crawfordville, FL

Regarding "Angels":
"The Angels album is one of my-- if not my absolute favorite Christian Album!" Your Bro and Sis in Christ,
~ Dave and Tammy Nelson - Bridgeville, PA

Regarding "Angels":
"One of the best-produced albums I've ever heard!"
~ Steven Kowalsky - NY

Regarding "Angels":
"Angels is Vincent's best album yet!"
~ Leonard Jones - SC

"Sounds GOOD - In fact, you both LOOK good! :-) Keep sing'en - all the way"
~ Tom Freund - Lakeland, FL

Regarding "Angels":
"The best yet, Praise and Worship at its best, focusing on the future generations to take them to a new place of worshipping in a time in our land when that is all that will get us through. Loved it and love you Vincent and Birgit."
~ Connie Allensworth - Bradenton, FL

Regarding "Angels":
"Awesome worship music and technical perfection at the same time! That means it is some of the best vocals and instrumentals you will ever hear combined with the annointing of God to take you higher!!!"
~ Robert Smurhwaite - Clearwater, FL

Regarding "Angels":
"Vincent led us into a place of worship and the music resonated in my spirit for days! I couldn't quit singing "High & "Lifted Up"!"
~ Pastor Brian Harrison - Blackfoot, ID