Summer 2012

A couple nuggets behind 2 songs:

I was in the church for 9 years before the Lord released me to be a full time Psalmist to the church. If there's one thing I've learned in those 1st nine years it was God is not impressed with musical ability rather He is more interested in character. Just because one has a gift from God doesn't mean he or she should be using it in the church. After 5 or 6 years in church I was asked to teach Sunday school. At first I said, "No" thinking if I made a mistake I'd have a millstone tied around my neck. It was a time where God was trying to build His confidence in me.

Each and every song I get is a lesson God has taught me or from scripture directly or a testimony God has given me through HIS being evident in my life. Here are a couple little testimonies:

Song: Words
CD: 4 God So Loved The World

Last verse: Words speak faith into you, words my faith is in You. Originally wrote this saying my faith is in God. (was my intention) Poppa spoke and said, "Son, you have it backward, MY faith is in you"! We live by the faith OF God in us the hope of glory... Greater is He who is in us than we who are in the world!

Song: The Waves
CD: Angels

I was in South Africa years ago... Ministered in Durban and Petermeritsburg. Woke up first morning looking out my window at the Indian Ocean. I said, "I hear the sound of the waves crashing down ... Here in South Africa"! The Lord quickened me as I felt He wanted me to proclaim "His Waves" are crashing down on the lands. The chorus is in Zulu ... Translated meaning "Come, let's praise Jesus! This song is inviting people to come and worship Jesus! Sing it and declare it over the nations, your country and your town or village!

Brother Vincent
Vincent Music Ministry