Fall 2008

In September I started making my way across the U.S.! First in MI, WI, MN (new contacts), ND (more new contacts) WY and leaving for ID in the morning. The rest of itinerary will go into WA for multiple dates back into ID, WY, IN, OH and home!!!!

Churches are coming together for some meetings and in WY on my way back the whole community of Worland is coming together for a meeting! Also on the way back in Sheridan, WY I'll be ministering to most children in that community. Most kids are unchurched from non-Christian homes. It's a ministry where the leaders came and saw me at another venue. I'm told they minister every week to 600 or more children! This weekend I ministered to teenage boys who are in the Wyoming school for boys. It's really a prison / ages 14 'till they're 18. I've ministered there several times before. It's nice to see joy come over them while I'm there. Last time I was there I felt the Lord said, "Declare some of them will have their childhood restored, and do the Yodeling song"! I didn't want to do a childrens song for teens but I listened to the Lord and I saw true Joy come over them! It was fun!!!! It's cool when we listen to Poppa! ;-)

Pray for us!!!!

Twelve years ago our dear friend (and mother in the Lord) Jean Allen prayed for me and spoke this album into being. She said, "You shall have an album called The Grace Of The Living God…… Power to live by"! Two years ago I listened to the tape she spoke this on and talked to God about it. "Lord, your word says Jesus performed that which was spoken of Him and I want to perform that which was spoken of me." "I've not been inspired to write anything with this title in mind." "Let Your will be done in me!" Within a few days "The Grace Of The Living God" was birthed!

New CD being released!
"The Grace Of The Living God"

Those who've heard the ruff mixes said,
"This is Vincent's Best Music to date"!

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(CD's will be ready in September 2008)