Fall 2011

God is doing some wonderful things ... As you may know … One of my songs has taken off and has received over 40,000 Hits combined from youtube and the In Christ Network. "I Am Redeemed" a salvation song. All but 500 hits have come in the 11 weeks.

As a result I'm being invited to many nations! Going to Italy in the Spring ... The reason I've said yes so quickly to Italy is God gave me a prophetic word from my pastor in early 90's about the European Community.

My pastor was preaching when the Holy Spirit interrupted his sermon ... He (my pastor) stopped, looked back at me and said, "Vincent, the Lord is showing me HE is going to use you in nations in Europe you've not set your foot in yet"! Then he went back to preaching.

Within a week or short time later Leonard Jones (Worship leader no longer on staff but w Morningstar w/ Rick Joyner for over 20 years) called and asked what was I doing around Thanksgiving and early December that year? LOL It was the only time I had available ...

Leonard asked me to go to Germany and Sweden ... 2 nations in Europe I'd not set my foot in at that point.

I need other churches and individuals to come on board to help send me to the nations? If you'd like to be one of them ... Please let me know?

You can help with donations for CD's or just praying for me? I appreciate both greatly.


Before one of the meetings in Germany Birgit and I prayed for the meeting. It was being held at a youth house. I asked very specifically, "Lord, make sure the roughest, toughest of all the teens gets into the meeting". After the service the lady in charge came to give me a check. She was apologizing profusely saying, "I don't understand why more people did not come to this meeting, we advertised and we only got a few dozen people here". She continued, "I went to the billiards room to see what the other young people were doing"? "There were 3 dozen youth in the billiards room sitting there, not talking but listening to you intently". "They wouldn't come into the meeting room because of the young man who sat up front with the red sweat pants". :-) She said, "The reason the others would not come into the meeting was because this young man (and I Quote) "He is the roughest, toughest of all of the young people and the others won't go where he is because he beats them up"! LOL

I told her that night was very successful and if I came half way around the world for that 1 boy my trip was worth it. I know it was for more than that one ...

I've sung for audiences of 10,000 people, I've sung for 1. My job on this earth is to encourage Gods children and success is loving those God places in my life 1 at a time.

Thank you for your support ...

You go with me when you contribute to this ministry. Be it prayer or financial ... Again, from the bottom of my heart ... Thank you ...

Brother Vincent
Vincent Music Ministry