February 2009

A Couple Cool Stories!


Friends of ours (like parents to Birgy and I) prayed that "Trumpeting Angels" would go before us to protect us in our traveling! We left NY, next place near Pittsburgh, got done with the meeting, we were about to close in prayer and one of the elders stood and testified. "I'm not sure I agree with this theologically but I have to testify about something going on here tonight"! "All night long while Vincent & Birgit were ministering, all over the room, I see them everywhere, there are trumpeting Angels all over the place!" "Vincent, if you believe I'm hearing from God, I think you are suppose to sing a prophetic song over us"! Thus, "Angels" was born!

"Tell A Vision"

We recorded an album called Tell A Vision in '96 and I left Studio L to go to my parents (near Pittsburgh) before going home to VA. I called Ricky that night or the next day and said, "Send me the master so I can send it off to manufacturing"! Ricky said, "I gave you the master, I don't have it"! I replied, "No, you didn't give it to me, you still have it"! That night before we went to sleep my wife Birgit said, "Jesus, we just spent a lot of money on this album and Ricky doesn't know where the master is; so Lord, You need to show me where this tape is before I wake up"! Next morning my wife tells me she had a dream! I called Ricky and said, "Ricky, Birgit believes God showed her where the master tape is for the "Tell A Vision" album! Ricky insisted, "I gave you the master"! I said, "Will you just listen to the dream"? He said, "Ok"! The dream was this, "it's in a black garbage bag, in a brown box in a place it should not be"! Ricky said, "Hold on a minute"! Came back a minute later exclaiming "Vincent, your wife is a psychic"! No, "that's the dark side" I replied. Ricky said, "It was exactly like she said"! In a black garbage bag in a brown box in a place it should not have been and I was getting ready to throw it out in the trash"! I then explained to Ricky that God gives dreams and visions to his children like with Joseph in the Old Testament! So, that's a cool story for the glory of God!

Hope you are encouraged by this testimony? Let me know what you think?