January 2006

Dear friends,

In May of last year a pastor from NJ who didn't know me prophesied that "The Caribbean" was going to open up to our ministry. A couple of weeks later in Lynchburg, VA our dear friend Pastor Marvin Busie began by telling me of his previous trips to Jamaica. Now they have been asked by the government to present the "True Love Waits" program to the youth of the nation. 75% of the children in Jamaica are born out of wed lock and aids is in epidemic proportions.

As a reward to the thousands who have responded to this purity program I've been asked to come and do several concerts. We are told we will minister to at least 15 thousand or more children. 80% of these children don't have parents.

They are playing my music on the radio and advertising our coming. I knew this was a door God was opening and we look forward to seeing the miracles God is going to do through us. Another prophetic word we were given was that nations would be changed because of our going. We still are raising money for this trip. We already bought our tickets. Our departure date is January 30th. Please be a part of changing the history for the children of Jamaica.

It's our prayer that some or many of these children would be used not only to storm their nation with the gospel but someday go and be missionaries around the world. As always we are grateful for your prayers and financial contributions for the work God is doing through this ministry. His angels are watching over us! Rejoice!

In Christ,
Vincent & Birgit DeLaidatti